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Viridian’s Sunday Stamps #1 | #93 (Ships)

I was reading Viriadian‘ Sunday stamps posts for more than a year (just time to time  :)). I really like this project and was wondering about to join it several times before.

We have very nice bright sunny day here in Central Europe, but as I am tied to the bed with an angina, I have decided to write my first post for the Viridian’s Sunday Stamps session. And also, thanks to Ana and Agi who inspired me to write my own contribution.

Comming from inland country, I love sea very much. Since my childhood, sea was always something “exotic” to me and I still love to travel to sea whenever I have chance to :).

I was always fascinated by the nations, which are strongly depending on the Sea or Ocean, such as are countries in the Caribbean or in Oceania. I therefore want to present stamps received from these regions and depicting some of traditional boats of island nations.

First ones come from the Cayman Islands. Karen kindly sent me this beautiful FDC showing Catboats a year ago. This set is a part of cultural series of Cayman Islands. A catboat is a sailing vessel characterised by a single mast carried well forward (near the front of the boat). A catboat rig is “a fore and aft rig with a mast that has a minimum of standard rigging and no jib (headsail).” Although any boat with a single sail and a mast carried well forward is technically a catboat, the traditional catboat has a wide beam, approximately half the length of the boat, a centerboard, and a single gaff-rigged sail.

The Cayman Islands Cultural Series Part 3: Catboats is a six-part stamp series depicting various aspects of the catboat’s development and role. The 20¢ stamp is titled, Catboats: Catching turtles. There are two 25¢ stamps, titled, Catboats: Being built and Catboats: Sailing around the Bluff. The 50¢ stamp is Catboats: Racing regatta style; the $1.60 stamp is titled, Catboats: Unloading cargo; and the $2 shows Catboats: Sewing the sails. The first day cover depicts a young man blowing a conch shell to let residents know that he and his father were on their way in with the day’s catch.

I am happy that I also received cover with real postally used stamp from this set that Pat sent me from his travel work.

Another region tightly linked to Ocean is Pacific. I received beautifully cancelled cover from the Philatelic bureau of Palau Islands. Four ship stamps depict traditional Palauan way of transport by water.

Long ago, the primary form of travel around the islands was by canoe. Most people lived along the coast, and there were canoes for every task and occasion, such as the sleek war canoe or the bulkier KAEB canoe used to transport people from island to island. Few canoe craftsmen remain today, but there is always a demonstration of this essential craft at the Senior Citizens Center in Koror. The BOROTONG is an outrigger canoe used in the Palau Islands, she is the same design as a KAEB and used to carry cargo. The OLECHUTEL is used inside the lagoons in Palau for fishing. Nine or 10 large bamboo poles were laid side-by-side, secured by lashings and thin strakes driven through the poles. The KABEKL an outrigger war canoe was used by the natives of Palau for long voyages, now extinct, some replica’s have been built lately which are used as tourist attractions and for racing. The KABEKL is a lightly built dugout canoe and made from one tree trunk.

Thanks for visiting my blog and reading my post. Have a great sunday :).




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11 Responses

  1. Helen says:

    These are all really lovely covers. It is great that you joined in on Sunday Stamps!

  2. Hello! Your First Day Covers are wonderful. I particularly like the one from the Cayman Islands.

    Do I remember your name from the October Alt RR?

  3. viridian says:

    I see that in the catboat the mast is very far forward. It looks like it would be fun to sail. How lucky to have stamps from Palau. I’ll now have to look up where this country is. 🙂

  4. Lisa B says:

    Wonderful covers and lovely colourful stamps. Welcome to Sunday Stamps, hope to see you posting regularly. Also hope you are feeling better soon and able to enjoy the autumn sunshine 🙂

  5. postcardy says:

    Attractive stamps with nice variety of boats.

  6. Bob Scotney says:

    A fascinating first post. Glad you’ve joined us. Lovely first day covers and interesting stamps. I have to confess that I had to check out where Palau is located.

  7. Ana says:

    Hey Radim!! So nice to see you a part of this! Hope to see you more often around 🙂 I know you are receiving such lovely mail, that it would be great to see more of it here 🙂 Not promising i wont be green with envy though 😛

  8. Joy says:

    Just how you would imagine tropical islands, blue sky and sandy beaches. Great sets of stamps.

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