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Viridian’s Sunday Stamps #4 | #96 (anything you wish)

It is already a Monday evening, but I am participating with the delay the Viridian’s Sunday stamps session. This week is free topic. I therefore decided not to write about stamps. I want to write about postmarks (handstamps), because receiving stamps without postmark is like to receive postcard without message J. The postmark can also add some story to stamps on cover or postcard J.

Postmarks were developed to damage stamps and to prevent from being used repeatedly. First postmarks from 19th century were thick a strongly damaged stamps. Recent postmarks show the sending date and are applied by hand or by machines. Mail stamped by machines often can arrive without any postmark.

What kind of postmarks we can receive on mail?

Regular (daily) postmark is the ordinary handstamp that is applied on outcoming mail. Usually it has rounded shape, but for some countries it can differ (e.g. Square postmark for Canada, oval for Saint Helena or Botswana, or very unusual shape for Guatemala).

regular daily rounded postmark (Luxembourg)

oval daily postmark (Botswana)

rectangular daily postmark (Canada)

unique daily postmark of Guatemala

 Pictorial daily postmarks. Some post office have special pictorial postmark that is used permanently. These are typically some British postmarks or for instance postmark of Christmas Island (Australia).

pictorial daily postmark (Christmas Island, AU)

Commemorative postmarks are applied on limited period of time and only on some particular occasion. It can be sport event, anniversary, political event and whatever else. Special type of commemorative postmarks is FDC postmark. These are usually applied only on the first day of stamp issue.

postmark commemorating unique date 11.11.2011 (Poland)

New Year postmarks (Russia)

FDC postmark + daily postamrk (Estonia)

Some post offices also use special cachets. These stamps are not used for postal purposes but make covers more interesting. These are used especially on unique places, such as e.g. Antarctica.

Cover with cachet postmarks from Chilean Antarctica

 Not only pictorial postmarks can tell some story, but also regular some particular dates. Among collectors are popular covers sent on unique dates like Nov 11 2011, leap day and others.

Postmark of Nov 11, 2011, 11 am.

And example from my todays mailbox: card supporting obama sent on the election day :).

Have a great week!

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