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Covers and postcards sent to my address from different countries of the world.

U.S.A. (2013) Inauguration of the President Obama


Thank you very much AW Welch for this amazing cover with superb cancellation!


Filed under: CCCC, District of Columbia, National symbols, USA

Mauritania (2013) Nature


Peter arrange this cover for me by his friend in Nouakchott. Thank you very much, Peter!

Filed under: Mauritania, Nature

Malawi (2013) Nature


This cover was beautifully cancelled by the Manager of Philatelic bureau of Malawi. Many many thanks!

Filed under: Malawi, Nature

Dominica (2013) Flags


This cover travelled from CZ to Dominica and back almost an year. It was worth to wait. The Philatelic bureau of Dominica made really  wonderful cover. Many many thanks!

Filed under: Dominica, National symbols

T.A.A.F. (2013) Dumont d’Urville Antarctic Base

TAAF_dumont-d-urvilleThank you very much Mr. David Bodin!

Filed under: National symbols, Nature, T.A.A.F.

Saudi Arabia (2013) 12-12-12


Nice cover cancelled on the date 12-12-12 in Jeddah and posted later on February 11, 2013. Thank you very much Mohammad for this very interesting cover!

Filed under: 12-12-12, Saudi Arabia

Lichtenberg (2013) definitives


The Principality of Lichtenberg is a self-proclaimed non-territorial sovereign nation. It is a virtual nation. However, you can apply for the citizenship via the Lichtenberg website :). This cover was sent by the His Serene Highness the Prince Maximillian I. von Lichtenberg. Thank you very much!

Filed under: Lichtenberg Principality, National symbols, VIRTUAL TERRITORIES

Algeria (2013) 50th Anniversaries

Algeria_flagsThank you very much Abdeslam Meskaldji!

Filed under: Algeria, National symbols

India (2013) 200th Anniversary of the 1st translation of Bible into Malayalam

IN_200_yeras_bibleThank you very much J.E. Boben!

Filed under: India, Religion

Austria (2013) 115th Anniversary meeting Franz Joseph I. and Rama V.

AT_ednaThank you very much Edna!

Filed under: Austria, National symbols

Canada (2013) Year of Snake

CA_year-of-snakeThank you very much Jaime!

Filed under: Canada, Year of Snake

Hong Kong (2013) Year of Snake


Thank you very much Alan!

Filed under: Hong Kong (CN), Year of Snake

Chile (2013)

CL_2013_ccccThank you very much!

Filed under: CCCC, Chile

India (2013) Lighthouses of India

IN_bobenje_majakThank you very much J.E. Boben!

Filed under: India

Pakistan (2013)


Thank you very much Mr. Ahmed!

Filed under: CCCC, Pakistan

Finland (2013)


Thank you very much!

Filed under: Finland, Postcrossing, Regional culture

Czechia (2013) Biathlon World Championship


Filed under: Czechia

Taiwan (2013) Home cooked dishes FDC


Thank you very much James!

Filed under: FDC, Regional culture, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Japan (2013)

JP_cccc-2013-returnedThank you very much Mr. Masahiko!

Filed under: CCCC, Japan

The Holy Mount Athos (GR) (2013)


Filed under: Agion Oros, Religion

Hi, my name is Radim, born in a year of Dragon, interested in Botany and loving flags on stamps :). I am collecting nice covers and postcards thaít are addressed to me. And because I love travelling and it is impossible to see all the nice places of the world, I therefore wish to receive covers or/and postcards from as many countries as possible. Just to "touch" the distant places virtually :-).
I will deeply appreciate if you can help me with cover from any of worldwide country. I miss 10(11) countries (+ 2-3 distinct territories) in my collection, but I will appreciate any nice cover from any country sent to my address :)



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