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South Sudan & North Korea (2013)

This post shows my the most unusual mail ever received so far. Leo was working in South Sudan and he managed to send me a cover (addressed to me). Unfortunately, it never arrived to my address. The most probable reason (as I was told) was the fact that South Sudanese Post didn’t arrange any contract with airlines and mail didn’t left Juba for several months of 2012.

However, Leo sent me locally posted cover, sent from Juba to address in Juba. Although this cover is not sent to my address, it is very valuable because it shows really postally used stamps of newly formed country.


The very interesting point is that the South Sudanese cover was sent to me from North Korea. I therefore received real regular cover from North Korea, i.e. not the cover arranged by Philatelic bureau. It is rather difficult to get mail like that.


I am amazed by the combination of two countries, which both belong to top 10 hardest-to-get countries of the world :).

Many many thanks goes to Leo!


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One Response

  1. Florian says:

    South Sudan is very strange country regarding their postal business. If you are interested I can forward you message from South Sudanese Ministry of Telecommunications, because I asked them, where to get stamps.
    Greetings from Austria, Florian

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