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Swaziland (2014) Trees of Swaziland


Another great help from Florian, collector from Austria. Perfect cover using 4 stamps (out of series of 13 stamps) commemorating native tree species: Pappea capensis (Sapindaceae), Erythrina latissima (Fabaceae), Bequaertiodendron megalismontanum (Sapotaceae) and Ficus sur (Moraceae) means new country for my collection, country/territory #250 :). Thank you very much for your help!


Filed under: Botany, Nature, Swaziland

One Response

  1. Kevin Miller says:

    Hi Radim,
    I agree with you, even if we love to travel, it is often impossible to visit all the places of the world in just one lifetime. Postcards and stamps help us to virtually visit such places. The first thing that I know about Swaziland is that it is one of the smallest countries in Africa.

    I cross-checked the stamps you have here at an online stamp catalogue and I found that it was issued in 2007, January 23. They belong to a 13-stamp set entitled Flora – Trees .

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