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South Ossetia (2014)


South Ossetia in the Caucasus mountains represents a puppet republic in hands of the Russian Federation. Similarly to Abkhazia (officially belonging to Georgia too) and Transnistria (belonging officially to Moldova), it is also politically isolated due to its dispute status – unrecognised independent status. Unlike the Crimea, these 3 territories were not annexed by Russia.

There are a lot of stamps in the market that are sold as stamps of South Ossetia, but the vast majority of them were never used for postage and are cinderellas (often of unknown origin).

Searching for information on postal service in South Ossetia (or Abkhazia) is challenging. Some sources says that the postal service is operated by the Russian post. I was not sure what stamps are in use for mailing the post from the Tskhinvali (Цхинвал; capital of South Ossetia) to Russia or worldwide. There were reports on the new issue of stamps in 2013, commemorating National Symbols of South Ossetia and political relations with the Russian Federation (see for instance here). This registered cover is proving that the 2013 issue of South Ossetia is valid for postage for mail from Tskhinvali.

Thank you very much for sending me this extraordinary cover! 🙂


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