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Covers and postcards sent to my address from different countries of the world.

Mauritius (2015) Rodrigues


Florian had surprised me again! And again with superb cover. This time it is cover from the Rodrigues island, which politically belongs to Republic of Mauritius. The Rodrigues island is an autonomous island ca. 560 km east of Mauritius and roughly 1/3 the way to Diego Garcia (BIOT).

Thank you very much Florian for sending me cover from this interesting place in the Indian Ocean!


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USA (2015) Iowa


This cover was received due to help of unknown postmaster at Des Moines Post Office. Thank you very much!

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Niger (2015)

Holger visited another african country and sent this great cover from this hard-to-get country. Thank you very much!

Niger_1This is the example of regular cover, which arrived on March 16. It has postmark of Philatelic Bureau in Niamey lacking the date with extra postmark of March 9 from the post office clerk.


Niger_registerdThis is example of registered cover from the Republic of Niger, which was sent at a same day as the regular cover above. It has different postmark. It arrived two days later than the previous cover, i.e. on March 18.

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Finland (2015) flag


Excellent cover received from the LCC member Mr. Matti Tallgrén. It is nice addition to my covers with flags on stamps, this one is issue of 2011. The left stamp is the Christmas issue of 2014. Thank you very much for perfect cover!

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Pitcairn Islands (2015)


I have already written repeatedly that I like when philatelic bureaux send the orders in real posted covers. The Philatelic bureau of Pitcairn islands is another such a great example. Thank you very much!

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Saint Martin (2015)


Cover received from French part of the Saint Martin island in Caribbean. It is my first hand-stamped cover from this territory. I received cover with the machine cancellation two years ago, you can compere the postmark here.

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Slovakia (2015) President Kiska


Andrej Kiska is the 4th President of Slovakia, his was inaugurated on June 15, 2014. This cover with 2 definitive stamps depicting the President was kindly sent by Milos. Thank you very much!

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Latvia (2015) Latvian-Georgian Diplomacy



Heidi sent me this very nice cover with stamp commemorating the 20th Anniversary of Latvian-Georgian Diplomatic relations. Thank you very much, Heidi!

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Hong Kong (2015) Year of the Goat


Very nice s/s commemorating the Year of the Goat was sent by Alan. Thank you very much!


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Japan (2015) birds


Nice regular cover received from the LCC member from Yokohama, Mr. Kazuya Ishibashi. Thank you very much!

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Germany (2015) Fairy tales



Franz sent me this nice cover with stamp commemorating the Sleeping Beauty, a classic fairy tale. The postmark commemorates Stamp Exchange Meeting in Munich. Thank you very much, Franz!

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Hi, my name is Radim, born in a year of Dragon, interested in Botany and loving flags on stamps :). I am collecting nice covers and postcards thaít are addressed to me. And because I love travelling and it is impossible to see all the nice places of the world, I therefore wish to receive covers or/and postcards from as many countries as possible. Just to "touch" the distant places virtually :-).
I will deeply appreciate if you can help me with cover from any of worldwide country. I miss 10(11) countries (+ 2-3 distinct territories) in my collection, but I will appreciate any nice cover from any country sent to my address :)



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