Chad (2015)

Cover from this “very rare” country was kindly sent by Chinese collector travelling to Chad. The cover he sent is … More

Seychelles (2015) fishes

This cover was kindly sent by unknown Postmaster of the Philatelic Bureau in Victoria on Mahé island, Seychelles. Stamps depicting … More

Niger (2015)

Holger visited another african country and sent this great cover from this hard-to-get country. Thank you very much! This is … More

B. I. O. T. (2015)

Cover received with my order from the Philatelic Bureau of the British Indian Ocean Territory (B. I. O. T.). Thank … More

Cape Verde (2015)

Although many collectors consider african archipelago of Cape Verde an “easy-to-get” country, it was difficult country for me. Couple of … More

Madagascar (2014)

Although I am not very active in obtaining new countries for my collection in past months, I received this new … More

Comores (2014)

Roland of LCC has surprised me by sending this cover from one of the most hard-to-get countries in the world. … More