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India (2016)


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India (2015) musicians


Suajanya always sends perfect covers, with nice stamps and postmark. This surprise, with date of the Christmas Day, arrived as one of first covers of 2015. Thank you very much, Sauj!

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Viridian’s Sunday Stamps #6 | #157 (Flowers)

I was not joining Viridian’s Sunday Stamps for very long time. But I couldn’t resit today’s topic, which is one of my most favorite ones :).

I would like to share with you beautiful mini sheet issued by India on September 2013 depicting 12 species of wild flowers of India. I am thankful to my philatelic friend J. E. Boben from Thiruvanthapuram  in Kerala (India) who sent me all 12 stamps on single cover :).


Let me introduce species on this beautiful MS; going from upper left corner to bottom right corner.

1) Silene vulgaris – Bladder Campion. A common European species with very wide distribution area spanning from West Africa and Macaronesia to Far East Asie. It also occurs in Himalaya and thus it belongs to native flora of India. In the Mediterranean,  young leaves are eaten raw in salads, older leaves are eaten boiled or fried, sauteed with garlic as well as in omelettes and risottos.

2) Second species is some of many Rhododendron species, probably  the Hodgson’s Rhododendron, Rhododendron hodgsonii. All rhododendrons are very decorative and very popular in Europe.

3) Third species is named according to locality, where it is growing. Dibang chirita – Chirita dibangensis originates from the Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, India.

4) Fourth species is large brush endemic to Kashmir, Kashmir Mallow – Lavatera cachemiriana – s a beautiful plant, occurring in Central Asia and which is popular ornamental garden plant.

5) Himalayan mini Sunflower – Cremanthodium ellisii is beautiful plant occurring at high altitudes of Himalayas, from Kashmir to SE Tibet.

6) Himalayan Lantern – Agapetes serpens of Rhododendron family – is a beautiful shrub, with tiny hanging lantern-like flowers. It grows in the Himalayas at altitudes of 1200-3000 m, in Nepal and NE India, particularly Darjeeling.

7) Himalayan Bellflower – Campanula latifolia is species native to wide Eurasian area, from Europe to western Asia. It is widely grown as an ornamental plant. In Europe, it is names as giant bellflower. 

8) Cobra Lily – Arisaema nepenthoides  – is morphologically very interesting plant, with a mottled reddish-brown spathe, resembling a cobra about to strike. It is found in the Eastern side of the Himalayas, from C. Nepal to SW China, at altitudes of 2000-3300 m.

9) Roundleaf Asiabell – Codonopsis rotundifolia – Roundleaf Bellflower is found in the Himalayas, from Pakistan to C. Nepal, at altitudes of 1800-3600 m.

10) Blue Poppy – Meconopsis grandis  – Himalayan Blue Poppy  is  species native to the Himalayas, northern Burma, Tibet and Yunnan Province in China where it is typically found in shady mountain areas, mountain meadows, slopes and woodlands. It is noted for producing large, deep sky blue flowers

11) Globe Thistle – Echinops echinatus – Indian Globe Thistle – s an erect branched herb about a meter high, 

12) and finally, Himalayan Iris – Iris clarkei  – is smaller but very decorative species, rarely cultivated as an ornamental garden plant.

Have a good week!

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Covers with unique date 11-12-13

Year 2013 brought one another unique date, which looks interesting on some postmarks. I was not “hunting” for covers with this date, but I am glad I received some. These are nice additions to my collections. I want to thank for all received 11-12-13 covers :).

Saujanya (India, KA)IN_11-12-13

Heidi (Estonia)EE_11-12-13

Axel (France)FR_11-12-13

Olesya (Ukraine)UA_11-12-13_Olesya

Irene (Australia)AU_11-12-13

Ulrich (Germany)DE_11-12-13

Wonsik Kang (South Korea)KR_11-12-13_wonsik-kang

Faisal Rasool (Thailand)TH_11-12-13

Juned (Indonesia)ID_11-12-13

Abdeslam Meskaldji (Algeria)DZ_11-12-13

Vural Oguz (Liechtenstein)LI_11-12-13

and three covers sent by myself from Olomouc, Brno and Boží Dar :).CZ_11-12-13_Olomouc CZ_11-12-13_Brno CZ_11-12-13_Boží-Dar

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India (2013)

I have received couple of beautiful covers from my Indian friends. Each of these covers travelled from different state and each cover is special.


First one was received from my friend J.E. Boben, who always sends beautiful covers. This cover was sent from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) in state Kerala.


Rupendra sent this cover with great Crafts Museum MS from New Delhi in the Delhi National Capital Territory.


Saujanya, who also sends me always wonderful covers, sent me this time beautiful FDC (Intelligence Bureau) from Bangalore in state Karnataka.

IN-Chhattisgarh-Raipur_LCC_MR-ThakreAnd  lastly, received at the very end of past year, beautiful cover with Flowers of India stamps. Sent from Raipur in Chhattisgarh state by Mr. M. R. Thakre, a LCC member.


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India (2013) 12-12-12





Three very nice covers with the unique date 12-12-12 was sent by Shubhrajyoti. It was traveling long, but finally found its way to my address :). I must say that the middle and the bottom cover arrived inside the big (first envelope). This fact can explain the insufficient postage on these covers and also why the bottom cover has stamp issued in 2013 cancelled by 12-12-12 postmark.

Thank you very much, Shubhrajyoti, for these covers!

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India (2013)

IN_bobenje_2013_02Another neat and beautiful cover from my friend JE Boben. Stamps on left commemorate 100th Anniversary of Indian Science Congress. Thank you very much!


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India (2013) 200th Anniversary of the 1st translation of Bible into Malayalam

IN_200_yeras_bibleThank you very much J.E. Boben!

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India (2013) Lighthouses of India

IN_bobenje_majakThank you very much J.E. Boben!

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India (2012) Children’s day

IN_sauj_childrens-dayThank you very much, Sauj!

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India (2012)

IN_lcc_asish-puriThanks, Ashish!

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India (2012) 10-11-12


Thank you very much, Sauj!

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India (2012) National Mathematical Day


Thanks very much to Saujanya!

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India (2012) 12-12-12

IN_12-12-12_sauj thanks very much to Saujanya! (posted from Hasthampatti, Salem)


thanks very much to JE Boben! (posted from Trivandrum, Kerala)


thanks very much to N. Vignesh! (posted from Kondhithope, Chennai)

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India (2012, 2013) Festival of Light


Saujanya sent this cover as a real posted FDC! Thank you very much!


Also Miraj sent me this beautiful FDC, but postamrk on back side says it was posted at the end of December :).

Thank you very much!

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India (2012) Festival of Lights FDC

Thanks very much to Saujanya!

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India (2012)

Many thanks to JE Boben!

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India (2012) Internatiol Year of Biodiversity


Thanks very much to Raghavendra!

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India (2012) Motilal Nehru FDC

Thanks very much to Saujanya! 🙂

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India (2012) Tigers

Thanks to Mr. Dilip!

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Hi, my name is Radim, born in a year of Dragon, interested in Botany and loving flags on stamps :). I am collecting nice covers and postcards thaít are addressed to me. And because I love travelling and it is impossible to see all the nice places of the world, I therefore wish to receive covers or/and postcards from as many countries as possible. Just to "touch" the distant places virtually :-).
I will deeply appreciate if you can help me with cover from any of worldwide country. I miss 10(11) countries (+ 2-3 distinct territories) in my collection, but I will appreciate any nice cover from any country sent to my address :)



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