Iran (2015) alphabet

  This rare item was sent by Wolfgang, who recently visited this country. He wrote me that sending covers from … More

Palestine (2015) Gaza

Gaza strip of Palestine represents one of the most isolated territory. It is because of long-time civil war in the … More

Tunisia (2015)

Very nice cover from Tunisia was sent by Mohamed. I especially like 4 stamps showing fruit trees of Tunisia. Thank … More

Iraq (2014)

  Another excellent cover received via the LCC club. Thank you Mr. Zohair!

Palestine (2014)

Pat was visiting the Holy Land at the end of past year and sent me this surprise cover. Thank you … More

Kuwait (2013)

  Another new country in my collection – Kuwait. It was received with help of Huda. She sent me nice … More

Algeria (2013) postcard

My first received postcard from Algeria was sent by Faiza at Postcrossing. Thank you very much!  

Afghanistan (2013)

Safwan managed to send me registered cover from Kabul, Afghanistan. This country belongs to the most difficult ones among cover … More