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Covers and postcards sent to my address from different countries of the world.

Iran (2015) alphabet



This rare item was sent by Wolfgang, who recently visited this country. He wrote me that sending covers from Iran was quite challenging because of limited availability of stamps and “open” postage rates. Thank you very much, Wolfgang, for your effort and sending this great cover!


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Japan (2015) Mt. Fuji and flowers


Tomoko sent me this superb cover, which looks even better in real than scanned here on the blog :). This perfect cover was made by using the newly issued stamps from the series “National Afforestation Campaign” (issued on May 15, 2015) and newly issued definitive stamps (3-yen Definitive Stamp; issued on Feb 2, 2015). Stamp in right corner depicts the Chocolate Lily (Fritillaria camschatcensis), stamp in left corner shows the Japanese Zelkova (Zelkova serrata). Cover was posted from the Fujiyoshida city that lies at foothill of the famous Mt. Fuji and which is commemorated by special postmarks.

Thank you very much for this gorgeous cover!

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Germany (2015) 50th Anniversary of the Germany-Israel Diplomatic Relations


Britta sent me cover with stamp and special postmark commemorating the 50th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel. At first, Israel refused to establish relations with Germany due to the Hitler regime’s genocide during the Holocaust. However, relations gradually thawed as Germany offered to pay reparations in 1952, and diplomatic relations were officially established in 1965.

Thank you very much for the cover!

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St. Martin (NL) (2015)

Sint-Maarten_2015Perfect cover sent by Pat from his trip to Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) of former Netherlands Antilles, Thank you very much!

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Japan (2015)

Two extraordinary cover received from Ai in Japan.


This cover is interesting for me because of the right stamp shows the Prague castle.

JP_Cornus-floridaSecond cover commemorates the Centennial of the US gift to Japan, the flowering dogwood (Cornus florida).

Thank you very much Ai for these (and other unpublished) covers!

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India (2015) musicians


Suajanya always sends perfect covers, with nice stamps and postmark. This surprise, with date of the Christmas Day, arrived as one of first covers of 2015. Thank you very much, Sauj!

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Japan (2014) 50th Anniversary of OECD


Superb cover commemorating the 50th Anniversary of OECD was kindly sent by Ai. Thank you very much!

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Australia (2013)

AU_ncc-333_IreneIrene used stamps of Australia and its locals – Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas island to make the correct postage. Thank you very much for this beautiful cover! 🙂

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Christmas 2013

It is hard to believe, but Czech Post was not issuing any Christmas stamp in 2013. We have stamps commemorating unknown or even controversial persons or events, but missing Easter and Christmas. Weird :). I hope that Czech Post will do better in 2014 :).

Anyway, I am very thankful to all of you who sent me Christmas 2013 cover, although I was not able to send the same in return. Thank you!

Heidi (Estonia)EE_christmas-2013

Olesya (Ukraine)UA_ncc_Christmas_Olesya

Florian (Austria)AT_Christmas_Florian

Candy (USA, WI)US-WI_ncc_Christmas

Fabio (Italy)IT_Christmas_11-12-13

Mateja (Slovenia)

Pat (USA, NY)

Miloš (Slovakia)

Irene (Australia)

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India (2013)

I have received couple of beautiful covers from my Indian friends. Each of these covers travelled from different state and each cover is special.


First one was received from my friend J.E. Boben, who always sends beautiful covers. This cover was sent from Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum) in state Kerala.


Rupendra sent this cover with great Crafts Museum MS from New Delhi in the Delhi National Capital Territory.


Saujanya, who also sends me always wonderful covers, sent me this time beautiful FDC (Intelligence Bureau) from Bangalore in state Karnataka.

IN-Chhattisgarh-Raipur_LCC_MR-ThakreAnd  lastly, received at the very end of past year, beautiful cover with Flowers of India stamps. Sent from Raipur in Chhattisgarh state by Mr. M. R. Thakre, a LCC member.


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Lithuania (2013) EU Presidency & Postcrossing

LV_heidi_presidencystamp commemorating the Lithuanian EU Presidency (2013)

LV_heidi_postcrossingstamp commemorating the Postcrossing; I am not sure whether this is an official issue as the logo is completely missing on the stamp

LV_heidi_vilniusVilnius is a WHS of UNESCO

Both covers and postcard sent me Heidi from her trip to Vilnius. Thank you very much! 🙂

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Kenya & Uganda (2013)

NCC_sauj_Kenyacover from Nairobi, Kenya

UG_saujcover from Kampala, Uganda

Saujanya via his friend traveling to Kenya and Uganda sent me these two wonderful covers as a surprise. It is even more fantastic as both covers matches my most favourite topic on stamps :). Thank you very much!


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British Virgin Islands (2013)



Extraordinary cover sent by Pat from his Caribbean travel trip. Thank you very much!

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Russia (2013) 12-12-12

RU_12-12-12_juliaThank you very much, Julia!

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Russia (2013) New Year


Thank you very much, Julia!

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Spain (2013) Christmas


Thank ou very much, César!

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Canada (2012)


Thank you very much, Maryam!

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Canada (2013) Christmas Island


Besides the well-known Christmas Island in Indian Ocean (Australia), there is also a place called Christmas Island in Nova Scotia, Canada. In fact, it is a minor part of Cape Breton and it is not a real island. However, it is famous for its beautiful pictorial postmark. And I am glad that Maryam managed this special Christmas cover for me :). Thank you very much!


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Guyana (2013)


A second cover sent by Pat from his trip to Guyana. The first one already arrived on Dec 19, 2012. This one reached my mailbox on Jan 7, 2013. Although sent on the same day, the second cover travlled 19 days longer :). Thank you very much, Pat!

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Canada (2012) 12-12-12


Thank you very very much, Jamie, for this surprise cover :).

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Hi, my name is Radim, born in a year of Dragon, interested in Botany and loving flags on stamps :). I am collecting nice covers and postcards thaít are addressed to me. And because I love travelling and it is impossible to see all the nice places of the world, I therefore wish to receive covers or/and postcards from as many countries as possible. Just to "touch" the distant places virtually :-).
I will deeply appreciate if you can help me with cover from any of worldwide country. I miss 10(11) countries (+ 2-3 distinct territories) in my collection, but I will appreciate any nice cover from any country sent to my address :)



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