Iran (2015) alphabet

  This rare item was sent by Wolfgang, who recently visited this country. He wrote me that sending covers from … More

St. Martin (NL) (2015)

Perfect cover sent by Pat from his trip to Sint Maarten (Saint Martin) of former Netherlands Antilles, Thank you very … More

Japan (2015)

Two extraordinary covers received from Ai Nishizawa from Japan. This cover is interesting for me because of the right stamp … More

India (2015) musicians

Sent by Saujanya Golwelkar (Bangalore, Karnataka). Suajanya always sends perfect covers, with nice stamps and postmark. This surprise, with date … More

Australia (2013)

Irene used stamps of Australia and its locals – Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Christmas island to make the correct postage. … More

Christmas 2013

It is hard to believe, but Czech Post was not issuing any Christmas stamp in 2013. We have stamps commemorating … More

India (2013)

I have received couple of beautiful covers from my Indian friends. Each of these covers travelled from different state and … More

Kenya & Uganda (2013)

cover from Nairobi, Kenya cover from Kampala, Uganda Saujanya via his friend traveling to Kenya and Uganda sent me these … More

Guyana (2013)

A second cover sent by Pat from his trip to Guyana. The first one already arrived on Dec 19, 2012. … More