China (2019) Gansu

Beautiful FDC covers sent by Wu Rui from the Lanzhou (兰州) city, the capital of the Gansu (甘肃) province.

China (2019) Fujian

Friends Zhou Fan and Li Ming sent me beautiful covers and cecograms from different places in the Fujian (福建) province. … More

Ukraine – Lugansk (2019)

Lugansk (Lugansk People’s Republic – LPR, Луганская Народная Республика – ЛНР) is separatistic territory in eastern Ukraine, similarly to the … More

Vanuatu (2015)

I prepared couple of covers for my friends as well as members of the LCC (which were sent as circuits), and … More

Japan (2015)

Two extraordinary covers received from Ai Nishizawa from Japan. This cover is interesting for me because of the right stamp … More

Tunisia (2015)

Very nice cover from Tunisia was sent by Mohamed. I especially like 4 stamps showing fruit trees of Tunisia. Thank … More

Sweden (2014)

Two excellent covers from Sweden were received via the LCC club. I don’t have time to scan and publish all … More