Ukraine – Lugansk (2019)

Lugansk (Lugansk People’s Republic – LPR, Луганская Народная Республика – ЛНР) is separatistic territory in eastern Ukraine, similarly to the … More

Vanuatu (2015)

I prepared couple of covers for my friends as well as members of the LCC (which were sent as circuits), and … More

Japan (2015)

Two extraordinary covers received from Ai Nishizawa from Japan. This cover is interesting for me because of the right stamp … More

Tunisia (2015)

Very nice cover from Tunisia was sent by Mohamed. I especially like 4 stamps showing fruit trees of Tunisia. Thank … More

Sweden (2014)

Two excellent covers from Sweden were received via the LCC club. I don’t have time to scan and publish all … More

Burundi (2014)

  I received these two superior covers from Deo Niyongesi. He really does a great job for the collectors! Thank … More