Iran (2015) alphabet

  This rare item was sent by Wolfgang, who recently visited this country. He wrote me that sending covers from … More

Palestine (2015) Gaza

Gaza strip of Palestine represents one of the most isolated territory. It is because of long-time civil war in the … More

USA (2015) Maine

Recently, I received 2 very nice covers from Maine in US. For a long time, it was one of few … More

Andorra (2015) FDC

Stéphane sent me also this FDC commemorating famous Citroën DS-21. It is my first (and only) real posted FDC from … More

Japan (2015) birds

Nice regular cover received from the LCC member from Yokohama, Mr. Kazuya Ishibashi. Thank you very much!

Germany (2015) Fairy tales

  Franz sent me this nice cover with stamp commemorating the Sleeping Beauty, a classic fairy tale. The postmark commemorates … More

India (2015) musicians

Sent by Saujanya Golwelkar (Bangalore, Karnataka). Suajanya always sends perfect covers, with nice stamps and postmark. This surprise, with date … More

Estonia (2014) Laulupidu

Sent by Heidi Barot. The Laulupidu is well known Estonian folklore festival of music and dance. This cover, kindly sent by … More

Greenland (2014)

Excellent cover sent by the LCC member Frede Bech. Thank you very much!  

Sweden (2014)

Two excellent covers from Sweden were received via the LCC club. I don’t have time to scan and publish all … More