Japan (2019) Reiwa

Mitsuhiko Sakanoue sent me this exceptional cover. Stamps are commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the Coronation of Emperor Akihito. It was sent … More

China (2019) Xinjiang AR

Ziyi sent me beautiful covers and postcards from the Urumqi (乌鲁木齐) city, the capital of Xinjiang (新疆) Uyghur Autonomous Region. … More

China (2019) Gansu

Beautiful FDC covers sent by Wu Rui from the Lanzhou (兰州) city, the capital of the Gansu (甘肃) province.

China (2019) Fujian

Friends Zhou Fan and Li Ming sent me beautiful covers and cecograms from different places in the Fujian (福建) province. … More

North Macedonia (2019)

There is interesting historical change of country name. The name has changed from “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia” to “Republic … More

China (2019) Hainan

Youtong sent this beautiful cover from the Haikou (海口) city, the capital of the Hainan (海南) province.

Iran (2015) alphabet

  This rare item was sent by Wolfgang, who recently visited this country. He wrote me that sending covers from … More

Palestine (2015) Gaza

Gaza strip of Palestine represents one of the most isolated territory. It is because of long-time civil war in the … More