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Covers and postcards sent to my address from different countries of the world.

France (2016) UNESCO


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Serbia (2015) Coat of Arms


Excellent cover sent by the LCC member Mr. Filip Kulic. Cover was posted from Novi Sad (region Vojvodina) and arrived to Czechia unusually fast — just in 2 days! Thank you very much!

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Latvia (2015) The EU council Presidency


Uldis, member of the LCC, sent me another 5 great covers recently. I have chosen to present this one; the right-corner stamp commemorates the Latvian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.  The presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) rotates among the EU Member States every six months. The EU Council is an essential decision maker which together with the European Parliament (EP) adopts legislation and coordinates EU policies.

Thank you very much for the cover!

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Tonga (2015) birds


The newest addition to my country collection arrived today. Kingdom of Tonga, territory #274 in my collection. This cover was sent as a surprise by Roland, the head of the LCC club. Thank you very much!

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T.A.A.F. (2015) Scattered Islands

Scattered islands in the Indian Ocean (Îles Éparses de l’océan Indien) is French Territory near Madagascar. On four out of five islands is post office and it challenges collectors to receive mail from all 4 islands. My first cover from the Scattered islands was received in 2012 from the Tromelin island. Later that year, I received cover from the Juan de Nova island.


And recently, I received the two missing islands:

Europa island is tropical atoll in the Mozambique Channel and it is the southernmost island among Scattered islands. The Europa island is uninhabited, but has a weather station, is visited by scientists and thus has temporary post office.

TAAF_Ile-Euopa_2015This cover was prepared by me and sent for cancellation to Ile Europa Postmaster.


Glorioso islands (Îles Glorieuses) are a group of islands and rocks in the northern Mozambique channel. The archipelago consists of two islands, Grande Glorieuse and Île du Lys, as well as eight rock islets (Roches Vertes): Wreck Rock, South Rock and Verte Rocks and three others that are unnamed.

TAAF_Iles_Glorieuses_2015This cover was kindly arranged by Roland, Head of LCC.

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Latvia (2015) 25th Anniversary of Independence Declaration

LV_uldis Uldis from Latvia, member of LCC, sent me this wonderful FDC commemorating 25th Anniversary of the Latvian Independence Declaration. Thank you very much!

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USA (2015) Maine

Recently, I received 2 very nice covers from Maine in US. For a long time, it was one of few missing US states in my collection.

US_MaineFirst cover arrived from the LCC member Mr. Robert Stuart, who used stamps commemorating Martin Ramírez. It was posted in Rockland, ME on May 1.

US_Maine_flag-2015Second cover was posted in Augusta, ME (the capital of Maine) and was perfectly cancelled by unknown postmaster on May 4. Cover was prepared by myself and I used stamp from the series “Flags of our Nation”.

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Covers received via LCC (2015)

Also collectors from LCC sent me several great covers, here are few examples of the best received covers in past months from the LCC members.

NL_LCC-2015_orchidsCover sent by Ms. René Bartels

BE_FDC-smilies_LCC-2015Cover sent by Mr. Rik Dessers

FR_LCC_2015-(Olivier-Szerbowski)Cover sent by Mr. Olivier Szerbowski

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Finland (2015) flag


Excellent cover received from the LCC member Mr. Matti Tallgrén. It is nice addition to my covers with flags on stamps, this one is issue of 2011. The left stamp is the Christmas issue of 2014. Thank you very much for perfect cover!

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Japan (2015) birds


Nice regular cover received from the LCC member from Yokohama, Mr. Kazuya Ishibashi. Thank you very much!

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Jersey (2015) flag



Perfectly cancelled cover received from Philatelic bureau of Jersey. Thank you very much!

Few other covers from Jersey were sent as LCC circuits.

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New Zealand (2014)


I have had received several nice cover from New Zealand in past, but finally this autumn, I have received perfectly hand-stamped 2 covers from Mr. Warwick Hooper. Thank you very much!

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Indonesia (2014) Environment


An example of beautiful cover received via the London Cover Circuit Club. This was sent by Irene. Thank you very much!

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Greenland (2014)

Greenland_2014Excellent cover sent by the LCC member Frede Bech. Thank you very much!


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Russia (2014) Tatarstan


Kazan is the capital of the Tatarstan, a republic within the Russian Federation. This cover was kindly sent by Oleg Archipov, a member of the LCC. He used the definitive stamp depicting the Kazan Castle, which makes the cover perfect!

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United Kingdom (2014) The Northernmost Post office in UK


Third and last example of the LCC cover for this time. This excellent cover, kindly sent by Mr. Ed Neal, has the postmark of the Baltasound, Shetland, Scotland. It is the largest settlement on the island of Unst (in Shetland), which is is the most northerly inhabited island in the United Kingdom. It is the northernmost post office in UK. Thank you very much, Mr. Neal!

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Iraq (2014)




Another excellent cover received via the LCC club. Thank you Mr. Zohair!

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Sweden (2014)

Two excellent covers from Sweden were received via the LCC club. I don’t have time to scan and publish all my received covers, but these two Swedish cover are simply beautiful and I want to share them as example of excellent covers :).

SE_LCC_2014-02_christer-martenssonsent by Mr. Ch. Martensson

SE_LCC_Bo-Bergmansent by Mr. B. Bergman


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Comores (2014)


Roland of LCC has surprised me by sending this cover from one of the most hard-to-get countries in the world. You can’t find many covers received from Comores on the internet. Thank you, Roland, for helping to receive this cover!

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French Polynesia (2014) Citrus


Beautifully cancelled cover arrived from Tahiti in French Polynesia. Excellent work of the Philatelic bureau! :).

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Hi, my name is Radim, born in a year of Dragon, interested in Botany and loving flags on stamps :). I am collecting nice covers and postcards thaít are addressed to me. And because I love travelling and it is impossible to see all the nice places of the world, I therefore wish to receive covers or/and postcards from as many countries as possible. Just to "touch" the distant places virtually :-).
I will deeply appreciate if you can help me with cover from any of worldwide country. I miss 10(11) countries (+ 2-3 distinct territories) in my collection, but I will appreciate any nice cover from any country sent to my address :)



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