Tonga (2015) birds

The newest addition to my country collection arrived today. Kingdom of Tonga, territory #274 in my collection. This cover was … More

USA (2015) Maine

Recently, I received 2 very nice covers from Maine in US. For a long time, it was one of few … More

Finland (2015) flag

Excellent cover received from the LCC member Mr. Matti Tallgrén. It is nice addition to my covers with flags on … More

Japan (2015) birds

Nice regular cover received from the LCC member from Yokohama, Mr. Kazuya Ishibashi. Thank you very much!

Jersey (2015) flag

  Perfectly cancelled cover received from Philatelic bureau of Jersey. Thank you very much! Few other covers from Jersey were sent … More

New Zealand (2014)

I have had received several nice cover from New Zealand in past, but finally this autumn, I have received perfectly … More

Greenland (2014)

Excellent cover sent by the LCC member Frede Bech. Thank you very much!  

Russia (2014) Tatarstan

Kazan is the capital of the Tatarstan, a republic within the Russian Federation. This cover was kindly sent by Oleg … More

Iraq (2014)

  Another excellent cover received via the LCC club. Thank you Mr. Zohair!

Sweden (2014)

Two excellent covers from Sweden were received via the LCC club. I don’t have time to scan and publish all … More

Comores (2014)

Roland of LCC has surprised me by sending this cover from one of the most hard-to-get countries in the world. … More